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On May 22, 2018, NAIFA leaders voted to modernize the association’s national bylaws with a new structure that will create a more powerful and collective voice in insurance and financial servicees. This event marked a watershed moment in NAIFA’s history, with a New NAIFA that will benefit you, companies, the industry and consumers.


NAIFA is now poised to transform into a thoroughly modern association, with state and large local chapters relationships across the states. The new structure will simplify operations while improving the membership experience for ALL NAIFA members, regardless of their state and local chapter affiliation. Local activity will continue to thrive and engage members through programs coordinated by the State association. The result will be more local activity with less local bureaucracy and a more positive and rewarding membership experience. As of January 1, 2019 NAIFA Seattle/Eastside will officially merge with NAIFA Washington.


@ Mercer Is. Community Center

Morning/Half Day - Details @ www.naifawashington.org  


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