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2012-04-27 Bylaws Amendments

NAIFA Seattle/Eastside

Proposed Bylaws Amendments

Official Announcement of Proposed Amended Bylaws
Seattle, WA - April 27, 2012 - In compliance with our bylaws this message services as advanced notice of bylaws amendments being submitted to the general membership by the Board of Directors for approval.  The membership will be asked to approve these amendments at the Annual Meeting noted above.  Below are a few highlights of proposed changes to the bylaws:
  • Simplification of the official name of the association
  • Codifying the organization's mission adopted by the board in 2009
  • Extending term limits for executive officers to be two consecutive 1-year terms
  • Other changes to update and modernize the bylaws in accordance with current practices

Please take a few moments to review an annotated copy of the proposed amended bylaws. 


If you are not already signed up for the May Event: Business Ownership & Annual Meeting, please visit our website for details and to register online.  We have 4 fantastic speakers for you including NAIFA National Trustee, Ken Evans, who will preside over our Annual Meeting.

If you have any general questions please contact any member of NAIFA Seattle/Eastside's leadership team.  Specific questions on board nominations should be directed to Scott Fowler and questions on proposed bylaws amendments to Michael Staeb. 
Scott Fowler
National Committeeperson
425-462-4710 or
Michael C. Staeb
206-347-1033 or 
NAIFA Seattle/Eastside,
Apr 26, 2012, 8:58 PM