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2011-03-17 March Joint Ethics with SFSP

March Joint Ethics with SFSP
"Guard Family Security, with Ethics"
Thursday, March 17, 2011
 Guard Family Security
 In troublesome, turbulent times!
WAOIC Approved Course #601748
Includes discussion of today’s critical matters impacting Family Security… and the related professional and ethical skills needed to keep clients strong and secure:
  • Addressing the challenges to family security… today, tomorrow and beyond!
  • Delivering essential core solutions
  • Protecting against risk
  • Using investment strategies that work
  • Maximizing employee benefits and health insurance
  • Getting tax laws to help, not hinder
  • Shaping retirement and elder life
After the ethics CE Presentation, stick around for

 “Find Me More Money”
A proven platform to build a more lucrative “stand-out-in-the-crowd” practice…
Guaranteed to generate on-going referrals!
About The Speaker
- Joe Zedalis, President, Smart Wealthcare®, Inc.
Joe is a seasoned sales/marketing executive, philanthropic development officer and trust counselor.  He advises and educates clients in health, wealth protection, risk management, charitable strategies, and family foundation development.  Author and educator, Joe also conducts continuing education classes for insurance, agents, attorneys, CPA’s, healthcare practitioners and produces consumer-based seminars (including the only CE course to be presented in the Kingdome in Seattle).  He Currently serves as NAIFA WA State Programs Chair with previous experience as Regional Vice President and Past President of NAIFA Rainier in Federal Way.  Joe has organized a Medicare Part D educational initiative throughout NAIFA WA, OR, AK, ID in 2005 in partnership with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regional office in Seattle.  He also organized Active Prospecting Secrets with Michael Beck, Insurance Coach for Everett, Federal Way, Olympia, Vancouver/Portland NAIFA members 2007.  He developed and launched the Guard Family Security Initiative in 2003 and in 2010, added the “Find Me More Money” tax analysis platform in partnership with Jim Mitchell, past NAIFA WA State President.  In 1992, Joe was appointed by the Governor to serve on the Washington Long Term Care Commission and submitted a minority report in 1994 designed to lower health care premiums and realize over 95% eligible enrollment.  The core strategy could also be applied to healthcare premiums in general, thus virtually eliminating the “uninsured” all together.  As a member of Association of Washington Business (AWB) Joe serves on the Healthcare Committee and was presented the 2009 “Heavy Lifter” award for exceptional advocacy service for AWB Members.  He serves on many boards and as the Development Officer of several public foundations, including a large community church and international N.G.O’s.  Additionally, he produced and hosted a syndicated radio talk show in Seattle.
                    Best Western Hotel (map)
                    200 Taylor Avenue North
                    Seattle, WA 98109
                    7:30am Registration & Breakfast
                    8:00-11:00am Program (break at 10am)
                    Free to paid chapter members
                    Free to first-time guests
                    $25 for non-members
                    By email - 
                    By phone - Call Jenna Olson @ (206) 285-4066