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2009-11-30 President's Message

Below is an email message to the general membership sent on November 30, 2009.

President's Message

November 30, 2009
NAIFA Dues Increase
Seattle/Eastside member:

As your current NAIFA Seattle/Eastside President I want to explain the recently announced dues increase. At the September 2009 National Convention, the board of NAIFA proposed a dues increase in the amount of $110 for the 2010 year. The dues increase was necessary because of increased operating expenses in responding to legislation affecting our industry. But before they made the proposal, they reduced operating expenses by about $1 Million dollars. I listened carefully to the arguments for and against; and voted with the majority to pass the motion. The dues will be $485.00 and can be paid either annually or monthly. If you pay monthly, the rate increase will occur after the 12th month of paying at the 2009 rate.

A paramount question you may ask is: What value does membership in NAIFA bring to me? To me, NAIFA works hard on advocacy efforts that lead to protecting our profession. Also, NAIFA sends notices to us about pending legislation, those known as Gov Alert’s. Asking each member to respond to the Gov Alert’s, especially ones colored RED means that our collective voice will be heard. NAIFA has about 52,000 members and we present a united front when we all respond.

In terms of value, your NAIFA Seattle/Eastside board presents monthly programs, often with CE credits, and with speakers who challenge and encourage you in your practice. We work behind the scenes to develop younger members just getting started in our great profession. With these things in mind, I simply ask for your continued membership in NAIFA, the premier association in the Seattle/Eastside area for advocacy and professionalism. Our motto and belief is: “Your success is our bottom line.”


Gary ~

Gary P Kallio, CFP
President, NAIFA Seattle/Eastside