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2009-05 New Board, Thanks, and A Farewell

Welcome New Board Members
In May, at the last breakfast meeting of the 2008-09 calendar NAIFA Seattle/Eastside inducted it's 2009-10 Board of Directors [pictured left].  Long-time member and prior Community Service Chair Gary Kallio took charge as President along with a handful of new board members and executives.
Check out our Leadership page for more information on your Board.

Farewell And Best Wishes
On the same day the new Board was sworn in and after many years of service to this and other regional financial services groups, Association Executive Marcia Bartlett [pictured right] would be retiring after serving this chapter since 1989.  She will be missed and all our best wishes go out to her in retirement.
Her daughter, Jenna Olson, is taking over as the new Association Executive for NAIFA Seattle/Eastside.

Two Years of Dedicated Service
After serving as President for the past two years Ron Rodgers [pictured left] passed the gavel to the next president of his (and your) local NAIFA chapter.
Thanks Ron for a great two years!